Case Studies

Responsive Web Analytical Solution for Retail Sales & Purchase Insights

Talentas has partnered with New Seasons Market (NSM), a chain of privately owned grocery stores operating in the Portland, Oregon metro area, South Western Washington, Seattle, and Northern California to build an analytical web solution on AWS cloud for their Sales & Purchases Insights.

Business Challenge

NSM had tracking difficulties related to product ordering (over/under orders), shrinkage, and waste. Client requested a purchase insight tool that allows store managers, department heads and administrators to better do their jobs- giving them insight into department, store and company-wide ordering and data information.

NSM tasked Talentas Technology to develop a new, Web-based Purchasing Insight Tool to be used internally by approximately 250 employees. They wanted a light weight, user friendly application and proprietary tool of the Client.


Talentas developed a cloud-based Sales & Purchase Insight Tool (PIT) which is data centred around Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Product Transfers (between departments and stores).PIT extracted data from various existing sources - databases and excel files - loaded them to a data warehouse. Being Web & Responsive, PIT is accessible for different users from various departments based on their roles and pre-defined security access.

Key Technologies & Platforms

  • Adobe XD, HTML5, CSS, Angular 7, Angular Material, D3.JS,
  • NET Core, Dynamo DB
  • AWS Glue ETL, AWS Redshift, AWS Lambda Functions

Software Methodology

  • Agile Scrum Development
  • Test Driven Development
  • DevOps with CI/CD


Implemented Phase 1 for NSM All Departments which became the sole data source for New Seasons Market related to purchase information and the core source of business intelligence related to company purchasing.

Phase 2 is in progress for offering more insights to different roles at NSM