Your Business needs to be transformed to stay ahead of competition

At Talentas, we advise and encourage our clients to see digital transformation through to completion so that they can reimagine how they're doing business, and then make it a reality – extracting value with minimal disruption to their existing infrastructure.

Talentas utilizes machine learning tools and algorithms to build solutions for enterprises and product companies. We help in building right data strategy, followed by suggesting and implementing AI-driven solutions. With Machine learning we offer services to business which includes rapid processing, analysis, predictions, etc.

Key Services
  • Algorithm Design
  • Data Modelling
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Deep Learning
  • Supervised/Unsupervised Learning

Drive Better Business Outcomes with Cognitive Computing. At Talentas, we integrate augmented intelligence with natural language processing, image analytics, video analytics to help businesses deliver immersive customer experiences and outperform the competition.

Key Services
  • Speech recognition
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Face detection
  • Risk assessment
  • Fraud detection

We provide services from initial conceptualization of the smartphone application to the final deployment in the app store. We cover all stages of Mobile application development and offer them both as stand-alone services and as parts of our full-cycle mobile app development.

Key Services
  • Technology Consulting
  • Mobile App design
  • Custom Mobile App Development
  • Backend Development
  • App Migration & Improvements
  • Performance & Auditing

Whether you plan to launch an IoT initiative, upscale an existing IoT application or integrate your IoT solution with a legacy system – we will work out a reliable and cost-effective way to address your business challenge.

Key Services
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Cloud-based IoT Infrastructure Development
  • Embedded Development
  • Data Collection
  • Data Correlation and Analytics

Our Chatbot/Digital Assistants development services include building bots that can handle your mission-critical tasks, automate your business’ growth at low maintenance costs, yield higher ROIs, and integrate with your existing tools & systems seamlessly.

Key Services
  • Multilingual Chatbots
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Pipeline Processing
  • Chat Bot Integrations
  • Enhancement and Support

How We Do It

Data Preparation

We collect such structured & unstructured data and ensure it’s in machine-ready format using manual & semi-manual methods as well as using self-service tools


We create an environment where Analytics Models are rapidly, frequently and reliably built, validated, deployed and run on live business data


We help with testing the Analytics models' for efficiency, performance and cost with dedicated testing teams

Offshore Product Development

Our group of data scientists and engineers can assist in the design and training of analytics models, incorporate models into products, convert models from R to Python and use ML libraries & cloud services from third parties

Tools & Technologies

AI & Machine Learning
Cognitive Computing
Mobile App Developement

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