Intelligent Data & Analytics

Talentas business intelligence and advanced analytics services can help your organization to transform create a data-driven culture from a strategy to implementation.

Data has minimal value when it occurs in a variety of different sources of data and types of files. Aggregating it into one database is a step in the right direction, but that step alone does not really help you utilize information to fulfil the goals of your company. The ability to categorize, collect and interpret information effectively is vital to the efficacy of your business intelligence and predictive analytics applications, as well as your company's success.

Talentas provides Intelligent Data & Analytics services that enables business leaders and executives with fact based decision-making capabilities.

Talentas provides a wide range of data intelligence services custom-made to your project’s needs, ensuring the accessibility of business-critical information.

With our business and data intelligence services, we can help you gain insight into your customer behaviour, recognize common data patterns, and eventually organize it in a manner that lets you to easily target your segmented markets.

Key Services
  • Architecture/ Schema Design
  • Data Normalisation
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Migration
  • Data conversion & integration
  • Profiling & Segmentation

We partner with our customers to understand their business goals and key performance metrics and then develop visualizations that enable users to answer their questions intuitively. Our goal is to create dashboards that will help you discover new trends, recognise key relationships, share ideas, and explore opportunities.

Key Services
  • Custom dashboard design, dashboard development
  • Data Modelling and Data discovery
  • Technical installation, upgrades, security, and configuration
  • Self-service Business Intelligence solutions
  • Reporting automation
  • Data visualization strategy and roadmap

In pursuit of valuable insights, we apply data science in its various forms ranging from statistics to machine learning to conduct experiments on your data. Using algorithms and advisory methodologies, we forecast industry and consumer situations to proactively address issues and opportunities.

Key Services
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Diagnostic Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • IoT Analytics
  • Web and Social Media Analytics

How We Do It

Data Warehousing

Whether in the cloud, on premise or a hybrid model, we can design a modern data warehouse platform that enables your organization to integrate vast volumes of data into a flexible and scalable architecture. We will help modernize your data warehouse by upgrading the database platform, rebuilding data models, migrating it to the cloud or simply extending it to include more data sources to fit your business needs.

Improve your Existing BI Solution

We identify the evident and hidden problems that hinder your BI solution’s smooth performance and come up with the improvement roadmap containing structured recommendations on how to solve these problems.

Big Data Consulting

We design cloud, on-premises, and hybrid solutions that convert your big data into actionable insights.

Managed Analytic Services

If you’re looking to have enablement and faster delivery but need more capacity and skill-sets on your team, we’re available to manage your analytics, provide staff augmentation, and offer additional training or support for as long as you need us.

Descriptive Analytics

We use data aggregation and data mining techniques to reveal what has happened in different areas of your business, so you have a full picture of your organization and can focus your energy on improving performance.

Predictive Analytics

We use statistical models and forecasting to predict how your business could perform in the future based on past performance, so you can make key decisions that propel you forward.

Tools & Technologies

Data Intelligence:
Data Visualization
Data Science

We build Innovative technology with trusted quality to enrich your business

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