We follow agile and scrum-based testing approach to reduce time to market, mitigate risks and deal with changing needs in an efficient manner.

Our specialists are experienced in ensuring that there are no issues with your web and mobile app. We want your users through our wide range of testing services to have a friction-less experience.

We, at Talentas, perceive the role of Testing as the missing link between the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. DevOps Continuous Testing, without compromising the processes built around automated delivery pipelines, principles of Dev & Ops collaboration, Infrastructure as code, etc.

For us, Continuous Testing doesn’t mean automating everything, but rather test at every phase of delivery & deployment pipeline, continuously, using a mix of manual & automated processes. We emphasize on the redefining the processes, tools and overall testing maturity to achieve the true Continuous Testing. We also emphasize on testing beyond the functional/regression and recommend implementing quality practices that validate the quality of build at every stage and dimension possible.

Key Services
  • Overall consulting, set-up and implement continuous testing
  • Set-up and maintain high-end test automation approaches
  • Orchestration Solution with automated tests
  • Tools Recommendation and Feasibility
  • Standardize processes, tools, and framework in DevOps System
  • Definition, set-up, redesign of the regression test portfolio

At Talentas, we automate API Testing when you follow a continuous software development release cycles. We have expertise on a wide range of API protocols like XML, SOAP, JSON, REST, Gdata, YAML, ATOM, RSS, and RDF etc. with leading industry tools for API testing for functional, load, and security testing.

Key Services
  • Unit testing – for checking the functionality of individual APIs.
  • Functional testing – for testing end to end functionality of the API layer.
  • Load testing – for validation of functionality and performance for the system under various levels of user/ transaction load.
  • Runtime error detection – Execution of Automated / Manual tests to identify problems, such as exceptions and resource leaks.
  • Security testing – Involves various types of security checks like penetration testing, authentication, encryption, and access control.
  • Web UI testing – end to end testing of the entire system using the APIs.

With Mobility testing services of Talentas, businesses can ensure the performance, functionality, consistency, security, usability and other important functional as well as non-functional attributes of their mobile testing.

Key Services
  • Mobile Application Testing
    Testing key attributes like functionality, consistency and usability form the core of our mobile app testing strategy
  • Mobile Web Testing
    With a growing number of users accessing websites through their mobile apps or devices, businesses must ensure they get the same experience which they would while browsing the website on laptops/desktops.
  • Mobile Usability Testing
    Businesses need to examine their app’s user-friendliness to keep their target customers happy and satisfied.
  • Mobile Localization Testing
    To ensure Mobile apps work seamlessly, businesses can reach and woo local users effectively.
  • Mobile Test Automation
    Our mobile app test automation services help in implementing and testing various combination of factors associated with mobile apps’ such as OS, network configuration, specifications, user interface, display size etc.
  • Cloud based Testing
    By making diverse and large cloud-based resources available such as devices and tools, software, dedicated test environment etc, we ensure enterprise mobile app testing needs are handled with convenience and ease without any geographical restrictions.

Talentas test automation strategy allows organizations to reduce time to market, ensure the product’s stability, increase release velocity, and decrease overall testing effort resulting in substantial ROI. We guarantee your software development process is smooth and uninterrupted by any changes. We perform so by using automation strategies on your mobile and web applications.

Key Services
  • Test Automation evaluation, advisory and transformation services
  • Feasibility of the Test Automation Tool
  • Development of the Automation Framework
  • Development of Automation Test Suite and maintenance
  • Data Correlation and AnalyticsTailored test harness development

We understand the need & importance of Security in the overall test strategy and adopt robust testing methodologies to address client’s needs.

We improve infrastructure with continuous security testing, well integrated with Agile and DevOps environments to cater to continuous delivery pipeline and short release cycles.

Key Services
  • Web services / API security testing
  • Data security validation and testing of role-based authentication/authorization
  • Mobile security testing (hybrid and native apps, mobile web)
  • Web application security testing (penetration testing, secure code analysis, vulnerability management)
  • Infrastructure security testing

How We Do It

Employ the ‘shift left while strengthening right’ approach

Offer an integrated, agnostic method & engineering approach for testing automation

Enable companies to increase the speed of release and reduce market time to lower TCO

OContinuous collaboration between developers, testers and operations team

First-rate services from certified Agile specialists & practitioners

Tools & Technologies

DevOps Continuous testing
API Testing
Mobility Testing
Automation Testing
Security Testing

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