Case Studies

Significant time saver with AI / Natural Language Processing

Automate Patient Note Taking – Tenor.AI Tenor.AI automates time- consuming administrative tasks for clinicians by employing cutting edge voice recognition and artificial intelligence solutions.

Business Challenge

Client wanted to develop an end-to-end web application which can listen to the Doctor & Patient voice through dual mic, record their discussion and generate the patient notes automatically for later review.

  • No writing, No typing for Doctors
  • Easy to access and listen to past patient notes


  • Talentas developed a Web Application using open source technologies
  • Used Web Speech API to receive speech through dual mic
  • Built and integrated NLP API to convert recorded transcription into patient notes
  • Created a back-end bot and incorporated Dialog flow to improve the accuracy

Key Technologies & Platforms

  • Angular JS & Node JS Framework
  • MongoDB
  • Amazon S3, Python, NLP, Web Speech API, Dialog Flow


  • Proof of concept approved by clinicians in a Doctors summit with 79% accurate results